how to rename gpu on GTA sa lite data For Android


how to rename gpu on GTA sa lite How to easily rename Data on Android GTA SA according to GPU
on this occasion, will explain how to rename gpu on Grand Theft Auto Game: Sand Andreas LITE with ease, this tutorial is also useful for Data “MODPACK” GTA Sa Android, If not rename according to GPU of course its GTA game will Force Close (fc) when in open …

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First step check first your GPU android type, download CPU-Z in the playstore just 2mb, open CPU-Z and View the “Gpu Render” section what kind of GPU you Mali, adreno, VideoCore, Vivante or PowerVR.
Once the GPU type check goes to the next step.

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the following tutorial, open the folder ‘ com.rockstargames.gtasa> files> texdb and will see a folder called gta3 and gta_int , see image below

how to rename data gpu game gta sa lite

Open the gta3 folder and rename the contents, change all the etc or text I color (see image below) according to your GPU!

how to rename data gpu game gta sa lite

Then open the gta_int folder and rename it too, change all the writing etc (smua text that is colored in the image below) Match the GPU!

how to rename data gpu game gta sa lite

To name according to each gpu can be seen below:

– Mali: etc
– Video Core: etc
– Adreno: dxt
– Vivante: dxt
– Power Vr: pvr

(example: if your GPU is adreno then rename it to dxt)

Now open and play GTA Sa Lite or GTA Modpack games, Play & enjoy

NOTE: the above tutorial is just for example, on other data it could be etc etc it’s different, but essentially that part is the one in rename according to GPU!

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