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Download Ice Lakes MOD APK Terbaru Latest Version File Size: 470 MB
Download Ice Lakes MOD APK Terbaru Latest Version
Ice Lakes is an ultimate ice fishing game with a sandbox approach to wintertime fishing. Rare subject, stunning graphics, realistic physics, fish behavior system, wide selection of fishing gear, different game modes in the various locations around the world, changing season, day time and weather conditions that also affect fish behavior makes Ice Lakes the ultimate ice fishing simulator.

Ice Lakes MOD APK Terbaru Key Features:

– 17 open world maps
– 29 fish species
– 16 tournaments
– 18 competition modes
– Extensive statistics about everything
– Character customization
– Rod movement with or without inertia sensors
– Changing weather and time of day (morning, noon, evening and night)
– Change of seasons (fall, winter, spring)
– Fish behavior engine. A fish AI and swarm system controlling each species
– Fishing equipment. Learn and master the use of dozens of jigs, rods, augers, baits and lures

Ice Lakes MOD APK Terbaru Game description

In this game you can roam freely in the beautiful open world maps and explore river, pond and lake locations in diverse environments. Dare to go deeper into the wild where no fisherman has gone before and find the biggest catches.

Finding the best fishing spots by learning the depth maps and bottom topology of each location is fun, but requires patience and dedication. Nothing wins the expectation of finding the best location or catching the biggest fish from each lake.

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Download Ice Lakes MOD APK Terbaru Latest VersionDownload Ice Lakes MOD APK Terbaru Latest VersionDownload Ice Lakes MOD APK Terbaru Latest Version

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