Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse MOD APK v2.4.2 (Unlimited Money/Coin/ADS Removed)


Zombie Hunter Apocalypse MOD APK Terbaru latest version free File Size: 66 MB
Zombie Hunter Apocalypse MOD APK Terbaru Latest Version Free Download
The new real zombie war game with incredible 3D graphics. Your goal is to survive from the undead apocalypse in this first-person living dead shooter. Annihilate the waves of zombies before the infection spreads and the zombie tsunami becomes unstoppable. Adjust the zoom in your rifle, keep your finger on the trigger and make awesome headshots. Can you stop the epidemic and be the real zombie hunter?

FPS action in this zombie shooter game: A game with a combination of weapons, strategy and gore zombie style. Take control of a sniper and clean up the streets of the walking dead’s. Killing zombies and stop the zombie assault, equip the guns and unleash the massacre! Stay alert to the actions of the undead, select your target, aim with precision and shoot. Annihilate hordes of living dead, with simple movements of your finger you will have to destroy your enemies!

Zombie Hunter Apocalypse MOD APK GAME FEATURES

A zombie shooter game with stunning 3D environments and graphics, missions available in different categories: Campaign, Weapons Test, Speedy Zombies, Super Zombies…

Powerful and lethal weapons: Sniper Rifles (Barret M82, M90, Dragunov…), Machine Guns, Assault Rifles (AK-47, M16…), Rocket Launchers … and special guns such as crossbows or futuristic snipers.
Upgrade your equipment, increase their damage power.

Your wild dogs are hungry and don’t doubt to kill any living dead, so let them go to the Zombie War in a new 3D the undead killer game!

Zombie Hunter Apocalypse MOD APK ScreenShoot:
Zombie Hunter Apocalypse MOD APKZombie Hunter Apocalypse MOD APKZombie Hunter Apocalypse MOD APKZombie Hunter Apocalypse MOD APK

1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Coin
3. ADS Removed

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